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    What's Different About Prism Academy's Training Programs


    Most training programs tend to pump too much theoretical data into the minds of the attendees in a short period of time while giving them little or no practical hands-on training. The end-result is that the attending doctor leaves the training program with a lot of questions on his mind and without the necessary practical skills to APPLY what he/she has learnt in a clinical setting.

    In our experience, due to the above reasons, very few doctors implement what they learn in their own clinics for fear of making mistakes

    At Prism Academy, we have given this problem a lot of thought. Our training programs are designed to help you implement your learning from Day 1. We also stand behind you to support you until you become self-sufficient.

    Prism Academy Training Programs Include:
    • Theory delivered in a relaxed learning environment.
    • Hands-on Experience for All Trainees
    • Follow Up Support
    • Diagnostic Support
    • Equipment and Supplies Needed to Implement Therapies
    • Central Source for Acquiring Raw Materials
    • One-On-One Training If Necessary


    Without continuous growth and progress, words like improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. Prism's cutting-edge training programs help you to keep up with the rapidly-changing environment of integrative medicine.

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